Saturday, February 27, 2010

Opening March 15th!

You'll be able to find PickleBerries glass at the Northwoods Boutique in Edina Minnesota this spring! It's a beautiful temporary boutique found at 6364 John Harris Drive in the Braemar Golf Course Clubhouse. Admission is free and the hours are as follows...

Weekdays - 10AM to 8PM
Sat. - 9AM to 5PM

Sun. -10AM to 5PM
Last Sun.- Mar. 28 - 10AM to 2PM

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Story

Once upon a time there was a quiet, skinny little girl with big eyes and long, straight, mousy, brown hair. She had a frail, wizened grandma who collected treasures of old. These antiquities were kept in a tall, ornately carved cabinet with a glass door and curved glass sides. The treasures were always visible for all to gaze upon. Every time the little girl would visit her gram she would spend some time gazing at the wonders inside of the cabinet. Each item was special and her gram would spin stories about many. The child's favorite were the glass spheres that fit perfectly on the palm of an adults hand. Each of these unique works held captured within their depths, minute flower filled universes exploding with color. They were exquisite works of art made for no other reason than to weigh down the loose papers of ones life. How extraordinary! The little girl grew up, as little girls do, and her gram passed on during that growing up. The millefiori paperweights were tucked in with the rest of the memories of gram only to be reborn when the little girl, now grown with her own quiet, skinny little girl with big eyes and long, straight, bright red hair, decided it was now time. Time to make intricate little universes of her own out of tiny, vibrant glass flowers. These creations would not be relegated to a glass cabinet though, these creations would be to wear and enjoy. They would adorn hair, ear lobes and yes, chests too. Hence the gestation and birth of PickleBerries, where all lived happily ever after.
The End.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Custom Pieces

When a customer commissions pieces in specific colors I like to give them a range of prices and sizes if the don't have a specific price point in mind. Each piece of millefiori is unique so I firmly believe that choices are important.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Well I should be working on taxes but...

BUT... I want to move my work space to a different area in the dungeon, aka basement. I want the space that is closest to the window. I've vacillated between my current location and this corner from the time I set up my work space. The lack of lighting had me heading for the middle of the basement where I am now, but I hate the overhead fluorescent that I've been relying on. The corner spot that I'd like to move to is also loaded with "stuff" and boxes on shelves. (Important stuff like my 1970 something Barbie camper!) The move involves going through loads of minutia packed in boxes, most of which belongs to the hubs. Which leads me to my next problem, getting the hubs to actually go through those boxes is about as easy as herding cats. Hmm, I think I'll go work on my taxes!