Thursday, July 23, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation or I Have A Website Now

The whole time that I've been selling online I've debated whether I wanted to create a PickleBerries website. I did some homework and then more homework. July 18th was my one year anniversary on Etsy and I decided to celebrate by buying the PickleBerries domain name and building a website. After a few glitches from the hosting site my website is complete and LIVE! Please pop in and peruse.


Cinnamon said...

Hi there!
Thanks so much for stopping by to leave a comment for Jennifer on the Handmade's Tale.
Your work is GORGEOUS! I'd love to feature you! If you're interested, please send me an email: cinnamonandhoney [at] gmail [dot] com. There's a "contact me" link on my blog if that helps!
:) Robin
cinnamon & honey

pickleberries said...

Thank you!

Tressa said...

I just found your blog today. Your glass is so beautiful. I love those earrings.

pickleberries said...

Thank you Tressa!

Michele said...

Great site, I love it!
~Michele from By Your Side